Website Hosting Services

The website hosting comparison chart below shows the most popular features necessary to maintain a successful business website.

Whether you are putting your first website public ow considering a move for your business website and online marketing content system, the five tips below will help you determine the best website host for your website material.

Web hosting: 5 tips before you get started,

1. Be clear about the costs you will pay today and tomorrow.
The technique with web hosting is asking specific questions to know what the specific benefits are and what costs will come in to play after you have made the effort to get your website hosting established.

Be sure to ask these two very important questions…..
"What are my hosting costs to get started?"
"What are my hosting services going to be one year from now?"

2. What type of support are you going to receive?
Most hosting providers offer tickets where you submit in writing/email what you are looking to resolve and then are given a specific ticket number relate to your issue. Many other providers have switched to phone support and do not use email tickets any longer. This sounds good but be sure the person you speak with understand what you are requesting. With phone support many hosts DO NOT have technicians answering the phone, this means your issue can lost in translation between the person who you speak with and how they deliver the communication to the technician working on your issue.

Lastly, very few hosting services provide both 24/7 phone support and email ticket support. These are the preferred vendors in our opinion because these services are making the extra effort to satisfy website owners that choose email, along with those that want a voice on the other end.

3. Know your hosting plan.
While this seems obvious enough, we suggest always using a comparison of features when making a choice about your web hosting services.

4. Know your web host provider.
What type of reputation does the web host provider have right now? What do actual businesses have to say about working with them?

5. Do you have hobby website or business website?
A business website owner wants to extend his/her reputation into the local/global market place. That effort requires a different set of features and services than a hobby website requires. A hobby website can easily take advantage of free website builder platforms like to have a simple website presence.