Web Development: Medial Office

How They Automated Employee Search Process

A local medical office has the issue that most businesses have, finding employees and evaluating their employment history.

Typically this takes money and/or time to create ads, file the ads, monitor the ads, and then process the applicant information.

In a larger office this can be a very time consuming process.

What is you had instead a jobs board?

This jobs board will provide all the job positions, along with the qualifications of each position.

As applications read the information they can simply click the "Apply" button to submit their name and resume.

The applicant info is stored in a secure online database on your website hosting service.

The resumes are stored as well.

When you want to read or review applicant info you just open the database to view the applicant info and to look at the reume.

You no longer have to worry about sorting and filing emails and paper resumes.

Ask us how to automate a business process in your office.

10 key benefits when you automate employee search with own system.

- You, the business owns the online database and the presence it builds in search engine results.

- Reducing time spent on the repeatable process of post ads for the same jobs.

- Reducing time spend on monitoring the job ads.

- Reducing of time spent sorting through emails and paper files for applicant information.

- Professional process gives you an edge on your competition.

- Easy to use and web based process works in any browser.

- User guide is included in the delivery.

- Each job position is editable, on the fly, and new positions can be added.

- When a job position if filled, just unless the position, no need to delete it, ready to use again and again.

- One time fee to build and install the job board system on your website site and you own it.

Ask us how to automate a business process in your office.