Video Marketing Ideas - Keep It Simple

Three Types Of Video Marketing

There are three basic types of video marketing.
A. Introduction to your products/services/business.
B. Work flow example.
C. Showcase your products/services.

Each video type has its' characteristics. But the key to success is keeping it simple.

Introduction Video

This video is going to present photos or video that demonstrated your core competencies.

Displaying fishes products, customer testimonials in verbiage or video, and/or showing your office/factory. It could also be a new product line that you are providing now.

Maybe this is a the shortest of the three video types.

It’s easy to make a classy video with photos. The trick is knowing how to move the photos so the video viewer is not staring at a stationary object.

Work Process Video

These are the fun ones and surprisingly, many of these videos attract the most views.

The theme here is showing your work process in motion. People working, converter belts rolling, things being made, and products be manufactured.

These types of videos have collected the most views in all the videos we have published in the last five years.

People like watching the process from the very start to the end - time lapse videos!

Introduction Showcase Video

This is probably the easiest video that comes to mind because it is the finished product.

Yes, these are videos that are the polished and shiny products gleaming in the sun.

We like to put a twist on them here and show the before and after photos. This is even becoming more common on the serial TV shows that are doing time lapse videos.

Again, using photos here is bodes well, you just don’t want them to be stationary.

Using split screens that display a video/picture on one side and marketing set on the other side is even better.

Video marketing is a key component to every content marketing strategy.