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How Used Bookstore Put Inventory Online

This is a local bookstore with an excellent reputation in the community. They also have an established an Amazon site.

But, there are many drawbacks to Amazon as a small bookstore, in terms of local marketing. You already know that if you are a bookstore owner, so no need to cover it here.

This is a husband and wife doing what they love, sharing hundreds and hundreds of books.

They have more books than they can physically fit in their store.

They decided to spring for a system that could put all their books in a public place where the locals and book buyers can find them.

They had a system in place where the books were saved in an excel sheet. Then they moved to a Microsoft database.

The EZ Web company designed an online system using an online database that displays all their books in a web page.

All the books can be searched by author, title, or genre.

The owners can upload a new excel sheet, csv file, to the database to update it as often as they wish. This is a simple method to keep book records up to date as new books are added and books are sold.

Their local traffic has increased and, of course, book sales locally are increasing.

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5 Benefits To Putting Inventory Online.

- One time fee to build and install the job board system on your website site and you own it.

- Administer the inventory using an Excel spreadsheet.

- Increase exposure of your books to local community and book buyers nationwide.

- Easy to use and web based process works in any browser.

- Professional process gives you an edge on your competition.

A user guide (PDF) is included, as well as, a training session.

Ask us how to automate a business process in your office.