How To Cultivate Client Testimonials

How To Easily Send Client A Customized Thank You Email

Every successful business wants their clients to provide feedback on services and products. This tool will automate the process.
What is your current strategy to collect testimonials?.

Three important facts to remember .....
1. "72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business." ~ Big Commerce.
2. "70% of people trust reviews and recommendations from strangers." ~ Nielsen.
3. "88% of consumers say reviews influence their online purchasing decisions." ~ Vendasta.

Ask us how to improve yourworkflow, how to leverage yor website.

This is a one click process to send your valued client a THANK YOU !!

Nothing complicated going on here.

The point is, after your clients reads your colorful email, maybe they will click the link to leave you a testimonial or comment.

It’s worth one click of your time to make the attempt - yes?

If you have a process already around client records after completing a job, then this automation can just be a segment added on to that. Otherwise, this is a simple process to set up.

For example, we can add a web page with a form containing and email address and name fields. When you click the subs button on that form, an email goes to that address customized with the name. The email content is colorful and already written and stored. No fuss there.

It’s easy to add more custom content to that email besides the name and address if that is important to you.

We all live in busy lifestyle. You already know that it.

Hopefully, you are seeing how easy it is to add this one click thank you email into your business tool set.

Testimonials do make a difference, here is the research.

- “73% of consumers read six or fewer reviews before making a decision.” ~ Vendasta

- ”10 or more reviews can increase in search traffic.” ~ Big Commerce

- ”40 or more reviews are needed before consumers will consider a star-rating accurate.” ~ Opt-In Monster

- ”50 or more reviews on multiple products pages can increase conversions by 4.6%.” ~ Big Commerce

Business automation is a key component to every successful online marketing strategy.