Website Redesign: 5 Costly SEO Mistakes

The effort you refresh your website is important and necessary. Website technology is always being updated. To the professional website owner that means having the latest and greatest, the best and most powerful, to energize your online business.

Another common reason for redesign is providing a new method of presenting your services and products to potential customers, along with having developed new offerings that you want to add to your website content. There are five common mistakes that can hamper the publication of your website if you are not diligent.

Content marketing is what your website is and does. What this article covers will help you build better content that sustains your website. Let’s face it, your entire website is content. The better you are at handcrafting it, the more your expertise will shine.


Having the ability to do this type of file redirection is available from your website hosting company with cPanel access. This is an important feature to have for a robust website. What you are doing is telling the search engines, and website visitors, that instead of going to this file ezweb.company/home.php you automatically want them to go to ezweb.company/announcement.php.


When you move files on your website and do not install a 301 redirect then you lost all SEO momentum you have with that page. This can make a major dent in your search engine credibility. For example, let’s say you have the same product, but you reorganized your file structure. The old file location was in the “products” directory. In your website reorg you put the same file in the directory of “products/summer” and to the search engines that file is gone - vanished. Everything the mother lode of data at Google and Bing that was linked to that file is now kaput.


That is, a website owner's nightmare, losing the sweat equity of established credibility in the search engine data banks. There is an easy remedy, simply do a 301 redirect which will place a snippet of code in the .htaccess file that exists in the root directory of every website. The 301 redirect process makes that file so no need for you to manually make one.

Let's discuss how to optimize your website redesign project.


The most powerful tool you have on a website is your verbiage and your media. Be sure to have your test speak in a conversational tone. When the text on a web page is filled with keywords, it tends to cause a redundancy that turns off the attention of the reader.


Keep your title short and to the point. I like to start my title with the subject matter focus, which is usually a SEO trending phrase. For example, in this article “Website Redesign” is my SEO trend. The rest of the article os build around fortifying that idea.

Page Text

A simple rule to follow in writing text is “five”. I mean five sentences. The first paragraph is what the paragraph is about. Next three sentences support that opening sentence. The last sentence is the summary sentence. See an example, in the below in the first paragraph of URL Structure.


The structure of your pages is fundamental to the SEO success of every website. You want your file names to contain at least one key word. Images give more SEO juice if you link to them rather than embed them. Use a directory to place similar content and place a index page there even if you don’t show it to the public. Creating decent file structure takes practice and consistency, but anyone can learn it.

Our expertise will reduce your learning curve in your website redesign project.


“Text will always be the foundation of search so making sure the text around your website's assets is descriptive will help them rank well in search.”
~ (HubSpot, 2020)

A key point in evaluating pages in algorithms is links from your web pages to other pages in your website. These are referred to as text links. It’s a sign of importance in content evaluation. Be sure to put links from one page on your site to another page, but also make sure they are relevant. For example, you don’t want to link your product name to the map of your showroom location. A link to your showroom would be more effective using “visit our showroom” or "Visit our convenient location."

I have placed a text link, in the Two Gold Rules section below, to illustrate the practice of page to page links.

Over the years I have learned there are two rules that always embellish content and enrich the reader. If you put this to work in your content you will see improved marketing results.

A. Provide Value

The most important rule always helps the reader. This can take different forms. Some very common examples are as follows:

Benefits: Use the word “Benefit” and then explain what it is. This is excellent on a landing page. You can see this used on our landing page for a new website training program, we are offering on to website owners.

Education: Provide facts/information around a subject to give the reader prospecting and knowledge. The goal is having your reader, grab nuggets from your content, and have them come back again for more.

Solving Problems: A famous and worthwhile copywriter once told me the secret to his success, solve problems. In your content and in your conversations, mention the problem and solve it with your product and/or service. If you only do this in your content you will see your website visitor traffic increase.


I beat this article pointing out the intrinsic value of content marketing. With content marketing, you’re giving valuable information away before asking people to buy anything. Your website viewers will be enriched from your content and that is the best outcome you want. Sure, you want your website visitors to convert themselves into a subscriber or buyer, but that happens after they understand your value.

~ Steu Mann