Website Owners: 3 Essential Characteristics

Over the years I have at a masterful conclusion, I want to share with you. I think it will help you build a better website and improve your online marketing too. With this information you can better prepare yourself for the work ahead to be a leader in your community of online businesses. When people visit your site they will remember it, they may even bookmark it to return later for more information.

One distinction, when I refer to when I say website owner. That term is pointing to the person creating the website. As an example, I work with many business owners to build their websites and do their online marketing. In reality, I am the website owner. Yes, the business owners own the content and media i create. But, it's my reputation on the line for the presentation ,functionality, and marketing that the website site incurs.

This article is about the three most essential, the foundation qualities of a successful website owner. The landscape for website technology has shifted ins the last five years, I expect that cage will continue. The three very essential qualities are nerd, innovator, and artist.

Does that seem plausible to you?

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Too much of one quality will lock down the other quality. For example, too much nerd will reduce the artist to ashes and the site may be a techno wonderland but absolutely boring to website users.

Or, how about this scenario. Innovation is important, but without the nerd skills to think through the functions of a website site, there is stagnation in marketing. For example, the website is using the latest and created techniques but not producing organic displays in the search engine results.

One more to consider without the vision of an artist, in terms of color and layout, your site is techno correct and using the latest techniques, yet your website users find it the content so boring your analytics show an extremely high bounce rate.

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”Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
~ Einstein

As an innovator you know what you are good at and what you don’t do well. Included in that vault is knowing that you can always hire someone to do what you don’t feel up to accomplishing. A vision of the end result is the starting point.

Website owners with no technical experience can use a platform like Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, or square space to build their website. Yes, those are examples of renting your website instead of owning it.

Nonetheless, it’s important to get your website going and using a platform in one way of assuring techno success.

When you combine your innovation with learn gin or expanding your techno skills you have the perfect opportunity to build robust website solutions.

Combining those two with artistic ability is a website owner with a vision driving the techno side and the design. I believe this is the optimal pattern or method of creating websites.

Let's be clear about one, very important, fundamental elements required of success in the website ownership business. Energy. Building and caring for and sustain a business website takes a load of attention in terms of time and doingness. All innovators have the capacity for this drive and stamina.

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You already know that a nerd can be a shy or reclusive, but very intelligent. Website technology is continually comprehensive since it's constantly evolving, to say on top of it, you must be experimenting and using new strategies with both whatever website platform being used and also in methods to accomplish online marketing.

There are clearly techno procedures to online marketing, but there is an equal part that is content writing. For example, how to use an RSS feed to distribute your content to dozens of location take an assortment of skills, such as, building the RSS feed, knowing RSS readers, and staying in compliance with certain site requirements.

On the other hand, what good does it, achieve when the content being distributed in that RSS system in not engaging your website visitors? Bingo, it takes artistic ability to write content that readers will attract readers and engage them.

The nerd quality and the artistic quality of website owner success are closely linked. Too nerd and boredom is aroused in website visitors. Same with artistic ability. Too much pretty and there may now be enough functioning properties of the content to satisfy the curiosity of a website visitor.

This is my list of 7 basic nerd skills every website owner must have:

  • Understands the mechanics of website technology for the project at hand, including how to automate business cycles on a website.
  • A proven ability to perform research to find resources on techno topics
  • Has ability to write some HTML and CSS too.
  • Knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works and can measure website SEO results.
  • Familiar with online marketing techniques and has ability to build/maintain them. Background in Google technology for website and the search console offered there.
  • Developing expertise on building e-commerce, content systems within a website to display verbiage, video, images, and integrate social media as a tool to produce inbound marketing links.

For your consideration, here are website technology trends in 2020:

    - Mobile device technology
    - eCommerce subscription services
    - Personalized product recommendations
    - Augmented and virtual reality in online shopping interactive
    - Actionable content
    - Social media campaigning
    - Video capturing consumer attention
    - Chatbots are personalizing eCommerce
    - Voice search is growing in popularity


There is such a stereotype of artists that it was difficult for me to recognize this ability in myself for a long time. But, as time goes by, and the more websites you look over, it’s easy to see that some websites have a natural content flow and/or more eye appeal than other sites.

The artistic skills are varied. From writing good content, to designing images that work well in content, to putting graphic images together, and including having the tools to perform tasks like color matching and design color palettes.

This is my list of 7 basic artistic skills every website owner must have: - Basic knowledge of layout, how to put elements on a page that are appealing to the eye. - How to use the contrast of color to promote website navigation. - Using color blends to distinguish objects on a page. - Has existing resources and tools to do color matching and vector images. - Understands the use of graphics - professional graphics. - Familiar with how to turn a remarkable photo into an attention grabber on a web page. - Ability to write verbiage that connect themes in a page/article and encourages visitors to participate.

For your consideration, here are website design trends in 2020:

    - Abstract illustration
    - Geometric design
    - Minimalism
    - 3D
    - Accessibility
    - Preference setting
    - Immersive experiences
    - Dark mode
    - Vibrant color schemes
    - Isometric design
    - Custom typography
    - Simplified illustration
    - Photography with graphics


We will all agree that there are varying degrees to each of the skills I have mentioned. To me, that is one of the fascinating aspects if website technology - it never gets old. There is always another curve to travel, another path to explore.

One more thing, there is a very good possibility that the website owner may not have the entire skill set I have discussed in this article. But, as an innovative person, they find the resources to supplement their skills to accomplish building a quality website and then preforming successful online marketing campaigns.

We look forward to hearing from you, perhaps you are interested in a project consultation with us to assist you in building a customized roadmap?

Talk with you soon! ~ Steu Mann