Website Marketing: 3 Examples Of Successful Inbound Marketing And A Secret

What I am talking about in this article will not cost you dollars. Your contribution is your time and energy to improve your website longevity. If you are looking for a paid solution you can stop reading now. For all the DIY folks, this article will be help you learn at least one new technique for inbound marketing.

There are the obvious and the not so obvious. Use them all or use a few, these will benefit your site and your business. Let’s look at the big picture. Two significant benefits to this website marketing are building your base and increasing the number of inbound links to your website.

Your base means connecting to individuals and other businesses that are your target audience, or they are resources that your target audience is connected with.

Inbound marketing is a business methodology that attracts potential customers by displaying valuable content to them. An inbound marketing, link begins when another website inserts a link to your website on their page - that example is one inbound link.

Online marketing is about making connections. How good is your marketing effort is calculable by your ability to produce quality, organic inbound links.

Lastly, but most importantly, you want to use permanent media for your marketing. An inbound link is that type of marketing. Advertising is not that type of marketing. A link you post in social media will be five years from now. A link you post on an ad will disappear when your ad time is over.


One important note here is that as of 2020, Google’s search algorithms, or AI - artificial intelligence, are trying to transcend text to images, voice/ podcasts, and videos.
~ HubSpot, 2020

If you are doing a podcasting, just know that in the works is an effort to have AI automatically transfer that to text. This is a powerful benefit since speaking in a 15 minus podcast produces a volume of text. Plus, podcasting is more fun that writing a long article. You benefit from the AI when the search algorithm better understand your content and then improve your organic sear ranking(s) based on that improved understanding.

Podcasting is more familiar to the general public now. 75% of Americans age 12+ (approximately 212 million people) are now familiar with podcasting.
~ Edison Research, 2020

As a business owner, you can do podcasts for free, or buy a subscription to a podcast services where they provide a channel to you.

I think it is better to produce the podcast with your own tools and self publish them on your website. As I have said before, a website owner must own your website location and own all content that is published. Putting your podcasts on a podcast website that rents you space there, in my opinion, is not owning your content.

Let's discuss how to optimize your podcasting publishing project.

5 Easy Steps To Self Publishing Your Podcast

A. You can record a podcast at your desk using your phone or a high quality mic plugged into your laptop using the USB port. On a cell phone, the software to do audio recording is free or nominal. Do a search using "USB podcast microphone kit" and you will find what you need for $50.

B. Editing the final audio is easily accomplished using a variety of software programs. From the low end, Audacity, to the higher end like Final Cut Pro, ScreenFlow, or Blackmagic.

C. Place the podcast file, an mp3 or mp4, on your website using FTP. Uploading the file is simple with a free program as FileZilla.

D. Make your podcast available with easy marketing. One way to start is setting up a channel in the podcast section if iTunes. Google Play has a similar section but their process is a tad more complicated. In iTunes you can set up for your podcast to be free (recommended) or charge a subscription. BTW, this is free to set up. Do a search on podcaster support apple” to get the website where you can register your podcast with iTunes.

E. To publish on Apple you need to set up an RSS feed file first. That file has the content to propagate your iTunes channel.

Every time you add a new podcast to your RSS feed file, Apple will then add it to your channel.

If you want RSS file to use as a sample to set up your own RSS feed for Apple, you have permission to copy the one on this EZ Web Company: Digital Marketing Tools. Right click to downlad the file and then open it using a text reader app.

Yes, of course, you are going to replace the content with your podcasting info. However, don’t change the format, the structure, of the file. If you run into issues with Apple not accepting your RSS feed file, then you changed the format of the on this site. You can always search "validate rss feed" to locate free sites that review your file with some ambiguous answers. When in doubt, copy the exact setup of the RSS feed on this site.

If you look at the footer on each web page, on this website, you will see that that RSS feed is a text link. That is telling the search bots this is an important link.


With social media you are familiar with posts people make. Most of them contain verbiage and/or a photo and some have a link too.

As an effective practice to receive these two benefits I mentioned earlier, you want to place a link in each post you create and publish. That link is to a page on your website. Or, maybe it is a blog page on your website site that contains one of your podcast sessions.

Use pictures when you have them, Images are attention grabbers. You want people to see your post and respond to you.

Always keep in mind that the focus is making connections. You are not trying to win a popularity contest, just showing your stuff and connection with individuals and business that want more of what you know. This is an easy way to build your base.

Our expertise will reduce your learning curve in your inbound marketing link project.


If you have a library of articles or help videos you can assemble an RSS file to publish them. On this website we have such feed: How To Build A Better Website.

The important understanding of this RSS effort is just starting it as soon as you can. This method of using RSS to publish/distribute your content is the best kept secret on the web.

Here is why you need to do this now. There are plenty of established, high ranking, RSS feed sites around the internet. Once you have your RSS feed posted on your website, you can publish your feed to those RSS feed readers. For example, let’s say you have connected your RSS file to 15 RSS reader websites. Every time you add a new item to your RSS feed, and upload that new file, to your website you have instantly created 15 inbound links to your website.

You are welcome to copy the file architecture (arrangement) of the above rss.xml file. As we said earlier, don’t modify the file arrangement, but do replace EZ Web Company content with your information.

TIP: Photos Are Every Website Owners Best Friend

Photos are an easy method to attract reader attention to your business. One example is a before/after photo that is 600 px wide by 450 px high. Be sure you place your logo or your website on the image.

Next just upload that file to social media; your Instagram account is a good one since those are mostly photos. In the verbiage section be sure to add a link to one of your website pages.


Cultivating a consistent practice of posting inbound links to your website will build a base of connection for individuals and people, along with increasing your inbound links, which are superior quality and not the shoddy black listed type of inbound links that are for sale on the internet.

When you have a process and practice of building inbound links, take it to the next level. Implement a funnel strategy. With that, you organize your web pages where you place specific “call to action” opportunities on a page. Maybe a button to subscribe. Or, a video to view. Another is a link to read more information.

Over time, as you decipher these movements website visitors make, by studying your analytic software, you see what is compelling visitors to take action. With that type of insight you tune up your web page content to convert more visitors into a subscriber and/or a buyer.

I hope this has been helpful. Let me know if you have any questions.

~ Steu Mann