Who Owns Your Website Content

Do You Own Or Rent Your Website

As a diligent website owner, you always want to know who owns your website.

Many folks will be surprised to learn that if you use a hosting firm where you make your content there, they own your content.

Always want to make sure that two of the hosting notice required of you before your website can be terminated.

Take a minute to get clear about the critical website anatomy elements that every website owner must manage.

You are more likely to find the smaller website hosting companies will not be so obtuse and belligerent about political influences than the large platforms run by big tech companies in USA.

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You probably created your website content … the verbiage and images and text.

Maybe on your laptop with your own software.

Or, do you use the tools on the platform and they inserted that content into a website layout.

Either way, you have sweat equity in your content.

The facts are that if you are using a platform and create content there it may, or may not be, transferable to another website hosting services.

In terms of retaining clients, some website platforms just make it darn difficult to get your content off of their platform - so you will not budge. That makes sense for retention bbut t sucks if you want the a quality website host.

If you send hours using their tools to make content, you will have to start from scratch using a new platform.

Be sure to resolve these two ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS before spending that sweat equity.

1) How easy is it to move your website content to another host? If you website files work on any website host then it's a no brainer to use FTP, aka a free program like Filezilla, to move your website from host to host.

2) What is your process to produce your own complete backup of your website? If you rely on the website platform to backup your website, then you don’t have your own copy stored safely on your external hard disk or laptop.

The secret….

Just build your website content so it works on any platform. That also means stop using the tools on a big tech platform to create your website.


Whatever company you select to host your website make your content available to the world.

Unfortunately, if they deem your content unworthy of current political influences you can lose your website without any notification.

You a smaller hosting company., like EZ Web Company, to host your website.

We are NOT a big tech firm in Silicone Valley.

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