5 Benefits Of Using Google Analytics With SEO

Google Analytics offers a free data service that provides you with compressive information about website visitors and the activity they preformed on your webpages. To use this service, you setup a free account and install a snippet of code on your website. This digital analytics services will help you optimize your search engine marketing, your paid advertising, and build customized engagement content for visitors arriving at your site from different venues.

The information below is for businesses new to Google Analytics. It covers the basic reporting information and to uncover data trends. Learn the power of using customizable reports to maximize your website; create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface. It is easy, if you are more comfortable working with spreadsheets, to export your data into Excel.

Our digital analytic services help you understand the activity on your website, in multiple marketing channels, on your social media accounts, and with web apps you have deployed.

Five Ways That Google Analytics Will Improve Your SEO

#1 Where do my website visitors come from?
#2 Is the local community visiting my website?
#3 Am I connecting with my target audience?
#4 What pages are most popular on my website?
#5 Where is the best place on my site to improve my marketing strategy?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Smart website are established with a core set of keywords to attract the organic traffic of your target audience. Use the information in Google Analytics to discover what other keywords your visitors type in to discover your website. As your website matures, you begin seeing additional keywords being listed that draw visitors to your site, due to a more refined and complex optimization effort which is grown from your digital analytics effort.

Digital Analytics: Understanding Your Website Data

In Google Analytics your dashboards and saved report formats provide an easy method to retrieve mission critical data about your business and share easily share that information with business stakeholders.

Filter Data

The first step to establish your Google Analytics data is removing the traffic from known bots and spiders. But, make sure to keep the raw data view of your site and then use a filter to display traffic without the bots/spiders.


How to setup and edit a public or private dashboard to display your business metrics customized to your your reporting requirements. You can also edit the data that appears in a widget you are using.

By adding the available or adjusting dimensions and metrics in one report you have a repeatable report that helps you understand your website traffic and improve your digital marketing.

Google Analytics Solutions Gallery

Discover the power of dashboard templates other website owners have developed and then further customized those to fit your business.

Audience Reports

Learn about the users of your website visitors. If you have an engagement strategy on your designed to have visitors return to your site then your active users will grow. If you know your target audience the data in this section will help you understand if you are connecting with them. To see the "interests" of your visitors you must turn on that feature in the "Admin" tab.

In reviewing the "location" dashboard you can see the location of you website visitors. Should you be focused on more outreach or adjusting your SEO to connect with people living in different areas? The location information will help you answer that question.

Are people visiting one page and then leaving your site? If that is the case, your "Bounce Rate" (BR) will be high. Understanding the BR will help you design web page content that encourages website visitors to send more time on your pages.

Acquisition Reports

This information is useful to find out where your website visitors come from. When you know where your visitors are finding you then you can fine tune that marketing channel and your SEO to expand your reach.

Google Analytics captures the medium of where your visitors arrive from:

- Organic: search engine link displayed in Google Or Bing
- CPC: paid advertising
- Referral: another web page
- Email: a link in an email
- None: visitor types your URL into a browser

For example, if the medium is Referral then the source will be the URL of the website page. If the medium is Organic then the source will be the name of the search engine.

THe BR is a good indicator of quality website visitor traffic. By comparing the Medium information with the BR, you will see the Medium with the largest BR, which shows you where to adjust your content and implant an engagement strategy to reduce your BR.

Are visitors arriving at your website from your organic listings in Google, staying longer then visitors finding your website from a paid advertisement you place? Use the reporting this section to make that determination.

What are the other websites sending visitors to your site? Learn that information in this section and partner with those sites. At the very least, setup a landing page to improve the conversions from those websites.

Behavior Reports

The "Total Pageviews" count reflects the number of times visitors loaded a page of your website. For example, if one visitor viewed your Home page once on Monday, once on Tuesday, and once the following week that equates to three pageviews by one user.

You can switch the view (dimension) of the "All Pages" report from the default of page URL/URI to be Page Title, which is shown in the HTML of the webpage.

The more time visitors stay on your page reflects the engagement strategy in the design of your content marketing.

Selecting "Landing Pages" will show you the page where users landed on your website. Use that information to optimize your engagement strategy, call to action, and to tune your conversion strategy.


Google analytics is a powerful and free tool that enable you to analyze the data of your website traffic to optimize your digital marketing efforts.

The old saying, Knowledge Is Power, can be taken to heart here. As you understanding who is visiting your site, along with their location and interests, while leveraging the data abilities of people who know more that you - for free - you can jumpstart your short term and long term marketing campaigns.