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Increase your website visitor traffic, and improve website content to generate more inquires.
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To build and sustain your website requires more than a one time shot. You must keep up with enhancements to website architecture and SEO modifications to outpace your competition.

Website hosting plays an important role in your online business. Make sure that you are not paying hidden fees for email, storage, or bandwidth. Your website services will keep you web pages optimized and producing organic search results.

#1 Reseach SEO
Do you keyword research first to determine trens in search engine results. A tool like Google Ad Words is a good place to conduct research. It has a specific function “keyword planner” that allows you to preform comprehensive research to drill down on specific topics or to explore what the keyword strategy of your competition.

#2 Make A Point
Short is better than long. Keep your text segments to the point. The attention span of readers is quick, when you provide lengthy text it is likely to go unread.

#3 Encourage
Active is better than passive. Here are examples of each to give you the difference.

Active: Over thirty percent of the applicants failed the exam.
Passive: The exam was failed by over thirty percent of the applicants.

#4 Passion
Tell visitors how they benefit from your products/services. Wharton marketing professor, Jonah Berger, says show the readers why they want to have what you provide.

#5 Solve Problems
Explain how your products solve reader issues. Use social media to share your insights and ideas on a regular basis. Ez Web Company has free social media sharing buttons you can eaily install on your website.

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#5 Content is more than the sum of words. A content writer produces “content marketing” which is much more than creating, distributing and sharing content in order to engage audiences. A premium content marketing strategy is designed to 1) put more people and prospects into your sales funnel; 2) convert your web page visitors into a subscriber or a sales lead; and 3) improve your branding.

Summary Always remember, the very first marketing goal of every web site is to accomplish organic search results, on the first page, of search engine results.

Be sure that your content writing is built with, is based on, sufficient keyword research.

More and more free tools become available to optimize your content. Keep an eye our for them and implement them on your pages.

Here are two free tools:

A. The Data Structure tool provided by Google has replaced the “keywords meta tag”. You can learn more about that tool at the Search Console, aka Web Master Central website, provided by Google. Bing also has a Web Master Central website that should be used to enhance your marketing in those results.

B. Every wonder what your site looks like from a different location? Every wonder if your site is operating correctly at other locations. Geo Peeker will show you your site from locations around the globe.

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