EZ Web Rewards Program

This rewards program will benefit you and your business today, and in the longer term too.

Very simply, when you refer a business to EZ Web Company that considers using website services or online marketing, your business receives reward points.

Your free reward points are redeemed to cover your website hosting fee, your website refresh fee, and for tuition to the Website Owner Academy.


65 points for each business referral.
245 points for every referral activation, a business that becomes an EZ Web Company client.

Example #1
Jack Smith calls, because you gave him the EZ Web Company phone number, and discusses replacing his website. That is 65 points added to your Rewards Program account.

Example #2
I call Janie Smith from info you provided to me. She and I discuss her SEO and I provide an Estimate to her, from which she provides a payment and work is begun. This business activation provides 310 points added to your Rewards Program account.


Reward Point Usability
#1 Every point is used one time, and displayed on a written Estimate/Invoice; then those points are expired. If the Estimate is not taken, the points return to your account to be used on another Estimate.
#2 One point is exchanged as one dollar, when applied to an EZ Web Company Estimate/Invoice on your business.
#3 There is shelf life of 18 consecutive months, starting the day they were issued. When points expire they are no longer useable.
#4 Not redeemable for cash but used only for applying towards the service fees, shown on Estimate/Invoice, that EZ Web Company provides to your business.
#5 Points provided to your business cannot be transferred to another business, unless that transfer has been discussed and approved by EZ Web Company, prior to the transfer. Not all transfers are approved.
#6 All Reward Program points activity in your account will be articulated in emails sent to you with a subject line of “Reward Point Update”.
#7 This Rewards Program can be terminated at a time by providing you with a 60 day email notice. At such time, all rewards points in your account will expire 12 months from the effective program termination date.
#8 You can cancel your Participating in this program by sending an email to services@ezweb.company and stating your termination date.
#9 The maximum points that can be awarded to any one business, in a calendar year, is 2,450 (two thousand four hundred fifty).
#10 To learn about modifications to this Rewards Program check this page: Terms For Rewards Page
#11 This Rewards Program was last updated on November 17, 2020.