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Four SEO Principals

SEO, search engine optimization, is widely accepted as the fastest growing marketing tool for an online business. What is important to you, and your business, are the four pillars of SEO. Not putting these pillars into place will cause the search engines to bury your site, resulting in a low or nonexistent PageRank or even worse … not having your site displayed on the first page of search results.

Many studies and reports have shown that over 68% of search engine users will pick an organic site before selecting a paid ad listing. An organic site is simply a site that naturally displays it’s self based on the phrase or word a user typed into the search engine.

Links no longer seem to be playing a dominate role in getting sites displayed on the first page of search results. I have several clients where I successfully placed them on the first page of Google search results within 60 days, using zero link activity. And that page result placement was not based on their business name - more on this below.

How To Become An Organic Listing On First Page Of Search Engine Results

#1 Content on top half of page
The top half of your page is filled with content that describes your product/service but also uses key word/phrases. The key point here is don’t make all this content key word/phrases. Make sure the content is educational and interesting. Use a couple of links that connect to other parts of your web site - not links that take viewers off your site. Lastly, once you make those links - don’t change them for at least six months.

#2 Images Nice But Sparingly
Avoid filling the top half of your page with images. There are many strategies to display a SEO friendly page that includes images to fortify your content.

#3 Links
If you want to spend the time doing links, a strategy more likely for long term organic growth on behalf of your site, be sure to link with sites having a PageRank higher than yours. Every link you have with a site owing a lower PageRank than yours will effectively weight you down, making it more difficult to improve your PageRank. I have seen this more and more with continued updates to the Google software updates.

Until you get on the first page of search results for three or four key words/phrases (not your business name) I would skip link building all together because it is to risky.

#4 Engaging Content
You want users to share your content, and engaged users are more likely to do that. How to easily engage your users? Here are some simple solutions. 1) Use a zoom box on your pictures. When the user clicks the image it becomes larger. 2) Say less with more. Reduce the amount of written content or divide it into sections and link the sections using a key word or phrase. 3) Offer something that is educational, or your product catalogue, for free. Better yet, offer them to exchange their name and email for the download. 4) Offer readers a free webinar ticket to your next online meeting. 5) Use video on your site that is either your own or something that emphasizes the qualities of your product/service.

You see, it is possible to do SEO without social marketing/networking (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pin Interest). I have a lot of clients tell me they don’t want to be a part of the social marketing stuff, which is fine, you can still accomplish excellent SEO without ‘em. Just remember, those social marketing sites all have PageRanks of over eight.

May your week be fulfilling and filled with beneficial results.

In Respect, Steu
Steu Mann, Owner
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