Methods To Distribute Your Marketing Material

The components of an effective marketing content distribution system include a web site, maybe a blog, for sure at least one social media channel, and proven SEO techniques.

Your web site is where you keep your content for all of your products and service. This content needs to be mobile friendly or built using a responsive design.

With your blog you want to make daily updates/posts. The blog can be within your web site or using a free blog service like or tumblr or WordPress.

Your social media accounts will be used on your web site and blog. For a business you are definitely going to use Facebook, G+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Plus, there are other social networks depending on your target audience.

Some people ask me, because they are a small business and just starting, how they can post docs to make available to the internet, if they are only using a blog. Google Docs is a simple solution to accomplish that.

Use Google Dos To Post Files

Blogging is a great communication tool that's easy and FREE. In this data age, it's an invaluable data device for educators and businesses. Have you ever wanted to post a document with your blog, maybe a sign up form, a set of instructions, or a file that you want viewers to be able to print when they read your post?

Google docs is a great tool that is also free. It works with and will accept Microsoft docs, Open Office docs, an image file (jpg or png), and pdf files too. That about covers any type of file format an educator or business could possible have.

Three simple steps to get this accomplished.

#1 Sign in to Google Docs

#2 Upload Your File

Blogging Tutorial: google docs

A. Click the + icon to create a new document.

B. Open a new document: FILE > OPEN

C. In the "Open a File" window select "Upload" to find the file you want to share in your blog post.

#3 Save Your File and Get the Link

In the screen that is displayed, pick the icon of a person with + symbol.

Next, click the gray icon with a chain link in the top right corner of that screen.

The last step, copy [CONTROL +C windows, COMMAND C mac] that highlighted link and paste it where ever you want to allow access to this document. Where ever you paste that link, is where people can access the file you just created in google docs.

Several people have asked me about ways to get around creating new links to a doc they have posted, so here is the answer for that one.

Let's say you have a newsletter and want to use the same link to publish your monthly newsletter on your blog. This avoids the tribulations of making your readers/students always get a new link to bookmark you as a favorite ... in the event you don't have a web site where you can post the doc.

This is how you can accomplish that very easily. By the way, this applies whether you are updating a doc, spreadsheet, or image.

With the file opened that you want to update, go to the FILE menu and select OPEN.

Next, upload the file that will make the content update. Bingo, you are done. Your file is automatically saved. Double check to make sure that the file is still published to the web and published as a link.

With a Spreadsheet you can update part of the content without replacing the whole file.

First, open your spreadsheet in Google Docs that you want to update.

Next, go to the FILE menu and select IMPORT.

The next step is to select how much you want to update the content. I think in most cases you will be selecting "Replace Current Sheet" but if the file you are updating has more content than one sheet, pick "Replace Spreadsheet."

If you choose "Create New Spreadsheet" you will have to provide a new file link to your readers/viewers.

That's all you need to do. Google automatically saves your content.

Social Media Button Sharing Services

It is important to install or make available social sharing buttons on your pages. Below are a few free services that we are aware of as of this writing.

Sharing buttons help you to increase your audience by engaging with people who are not on your site, as well as distribute content across multiple social networks and platforms helping to drive traffic to your site.

Just one piece of code for your desktop, tablet or mobile website.

Our favorite is this one.

File Sharing Services

Besides Goole Drive and Bing Drive, there are many creative and useful file sharing sites available. here are a couple.



Private back up systems to keep your files confidential and encrypted.

Tuning Your Digital Intelligence

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