Marketing Campaign Design

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Every online marketing campaign is about connecting to your target audience; the potential customers of your products.

The superior effort is the one that targets your niche market with the right message.

An effective message to deliver is a qualified brand message and a qualified brand description.

Ever get to a web site and, when your visit is over, you’re not sure how they can help you?

Don’t have your site be like that. A Core Curriculum web site design puts you ahead of the herd (your competition).

1. Make a list of seven problems that your potential customer has, which your products or services will solve.

2. In 100 words describe your business - the features and benefit of your product/service.

3. Write down 12 words or phrases that best describe your offering.

4. Describe three scenarios of past clients.What were their issues? How did you solve them? What were the results?

With the information from those four points you have identified your core marketing foundation.

You can more easily assemble a customer profile now, if you don’t already have one. Once you have it take the next step.

Do your marketing research. What is the best place to find your niche audience that is defined in your customer profile.

Are you reaching the the older crowd or the younger crowd? Do you want people looking for home improvement solutions or ways to lose weight? Is there a gender that is more favorable to your work?

Once you have a clear understanding about who your customer marketing is and where to find them, reach out to them.

Build marketing campaign media that 1) help educate your potential customers and 2) walk them through the buying process.

The key to remember is what many studies report .... potential customers remember the vendors who provide them with education - information - that contributes to solving thier issue or problem.

Your Sales Funnel

The content of your sales funnel are the potential customers that are impacted by your marketing campaign.

Those folks have visited your website, or read your email, or received your paper brochures, or maybe they saw your video(s) on YouTube, Vimeo or in a social media post.

In other words, the more content/media your are distributing then the more people are likely to be arriving in your sales funnel.

Hopefully, you have created some Call To Action opportunites in your content/media. Those opportunites are likely to be a button to click or a button that calls your phone.

Your sales funnel is content that invites your visitors to take action to subscribe or buy a product. When that happens you have a "conversion".

Social media extends your reach to your target audience with specific content. The method for this is going to vary depending on the type of business you have. For example, a doctors office will have a different strategy with social media than a construction company.

Here are two important questions to consider when examining how to use social media:

  1. What is best method to allow customers engage opportunities?
  2. How to protect and promote the Brand?

Analyze Your Results

To collect the best data of what happens in your sale funnel use Google analytics or a more private and enhanced analytics at Matamo.

With the data those programs collect, by simply putting a snippet of code on your web pages, you can detect your strong points and your weakness in your marketing campaign.

The easiest benchmark is conversion data.

For example, your success will be the more conversions you achieve.

As you gain more success you can tweak the conversion process(es) you have deployed to key in on what your prospects are resonating with in your content.

There is always going to be adjustments in your conversion process, don't get on the wrong track and think on conversion process fits every marketing campaign.

The important piece is to being collecting visitor data and then broadening your understanding of what it means about your business.