Websites: A Business Reputation Strategy

Business owners are busy taking care of business.

It does not matter if you are a CEO, Professional Service, Sole Proprietor, or Entrepreneur, your main goal has been, mostly likely will always be, taking care of clients and client service matters.

That in its’ self is running your business. Very important and a foundation of every successful business. A no brainer.

Make no mistake, it is a natural rhythm: by providing excellent care of your customers you produce a sought after reputation. No one has to tell you that - right? It’s just common sense.

This article goes beyond common sense. It’s geared to the business owner that wants to squeeze every ounce of good fortune from their business: transforming your sweat equity into dollars in your bank account.

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Your Website Displays Your Business Proficency

You work and work, every day, maybe seven days a week, you give up family time. Sometimes, even when you are taking time off, you are still thinking and planning about your business. We all do that. It’s a passion, a drive to seek the highest quality. At some level, you have your personal satisfaction connected at the hip with your business activity.

And now the big question ….

Why do business owners walk away, ignore, or just plain lack the foresight, to see a business reputation as an asset?

A developed business reputation is more than the business balance sheet; way more than that, more than the value of your accumulated income year after year. And yes, more than the cash you have managed to stow away.

This article is about uncovering the potency of your business reputation, so you can begin consciously taking advantage of it, plus apply some TLC to grow it until the time comes when you are ready to sell or retire your business.

Business Reputation Is A Digital Marketing Tool

This digital age is redefining what a business reputation is and how it is presented.

I am pretty sure we are all used to thinking of a ‘reputation’ as what someone says about us. Or, you make the reputation of another by speaking or writing about them.

We all know that one. But the digital age takes reputation building to the next level.

Here is a good example. When you get in a Uber, taxi service used by mobile phone users, the driver can rate you. That rating is stored so the next Uber driver and read about you. Yep, that is a reputation.

I remember the days when taxis were are the same two colors, yellow and black, made like a tank of heavy steel and fat black bumpers that could push anything. You called them from the house phone that sat next to the answering machine and the paper address book, do people even have one of those anymore?

How To Craft Your Business Reputation

Let’s be clear with each other, tight now, every business has a business reputation by default. Right?

The sheer nature of the Internet allows someone, anyone, to go out and make comments about your services. Or, to look at it in ‘old school’ methods, what people say to each other about your services is indeed a reputation that is being built. All of that is a ‘default’ business reputation.

If you want more than a default business reputation, keep reading.

Do you have a professional website? Today, the web site address is just about as important as your street address. Let me quality that, PEW Research says 85% of Americans use the Internet.

Yes, I have met business owners that have no web site. But they are satisfied with a default business reputation. My job is not to convince you of anything here. All I am wanting to do is educate you on how to get more juice from your business reputation.

Web site design and implementation can take on several forms, depending on the scope of your content and the scale of resources you want to apply, along with what level of marketing you want to execute.

Do It Yourself
There are many platforms, Wordpress is a popular one, that allows you to create, edit and publish your content.

Hire Someone
By using the experience of someone who is familiar with web site techniques you leverage those abilities.

Use Social Media
Smaller businesses can skip a web site and just use a Facebook page. The big disadvantage, you don’t have a permanent web address that you own.

Several of my clients had a web site with the yellow pages when they met me. Many of them, once I helped them learn what they purchased, did not own the domain being used, for their business, at that yellow pages web site.

The main goal of a web site is a piece of property that is your property in the Internet universe. On this property you can do whatever you like to extol your services and products. When you change your domain, change the location of your property, the search engine media has to realign with the new location and that takes time. You want to keep the same domain - don’t move your business property around.

Three necessary and essential objectives for a potent web site are these: • Engaging Content: allow visitors to connect and comment • Marketing Strategy: landing pages, conversion techniques • Content Development: ongoing effort to keep content current

Believe it or not, some web sites never change content. Those business owners make the biggest mistake possible - treating the web site like a static ad. One of this e giant billboards on a busy freeway that fades into the background because it always looks the same - boring.

In the ole days we had print media. That was it. Print was the only method, next to expensive TV and radio ads, that would deliver news of your business. Buy a static ad. Send a press release and hope it got published.

Nowadays, there is search engine media: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, and the list goes on. All those high value web sites are locations to receive traction for your business. It is not about advertising there.

Search engine media is a marketing dream come true. People looking for a service or product that you provide, can find you at their leisure.

Every business has a perceived value. The value of your business will increase when it’s distributed in search engine media. That is a fact.