Video Marketing Ideas & Research

Video marketing is a proven method to create permanent marketing media to enhance your business reputation; it’s also regarded as one of the most effective online marketing techniques available.

I have been making videos for several years now on client specific projects. The shortest is about one minute with the longest video about six minutes. All include custom music that I have purchased from a qualified supplier like POND5 or MOTION ARRAY.

Video Research

Theses are available from hubspot.com and published in 2017.

56% of all video published are two minutes in length or less.

The four most popular types of videos are explaining something, product demos, how-to, and/or testimonials.

37% of video are attached through to the end.

85% of businesses now have internal staff and resources to produce video.

Before you get started in your video production question, take time to determine the scope of your effort and budget by answering these three questions:

A. What is the purpose of your video? For example, do you want to build your business reputation, make a product video, or recruit new staff?

B. Who is the target audience of your video? Do you want to reach new potential customers? Connect with previous customers? Provide education content to reach the general public about specific features/benefits?

C. When will the video content be delivered? Be clear with yourself and your video supplier the expectation of video material delivery: format, storage of files, ongoing edits to content to produce revised editions, and make sure you own the copyright to all video material.

Video Marketing Ideas

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5 Video Guidelines

#1Keep video simple A short video that showcases the skills of the client is the perfect marketing effort.

#2 Use video to demonstrate specific skill Use the video to show a real scenario the client resolved. For example, a landscaper fixes an unkept yard or landscapes a newly constructed home. A home builder turns an empty lot to a quality home. Or, a local business created a custom product, countertop, and installs it at a home. Another idea is a tutorial, showing the viewer how to accomplish a specific skill. For example, a video showing how to make a specific graphic design - a certain type of text which can be used in a brochure or web page.

#3 Push client brand softly The easiest way to do a soft push on the client brand, the business who is being showcased in the video, is to use a beginning and ending slide. The beginning slide captures the effort of the video. The ending slide shows the contact information.

#4 Use SEO (search engine optimization) in video production There are several excellent tools depending on your budget to make a video. At the high end is Final Cut Pro that costs $300. The middle ground is Screen Flow at $129. Another excellent choice is Motion (MAC) at $50 which has unique features and does interface with Final Cut Pro.

When you save your video from Final Cut Pro to a MOV file on your desktop, or to a video channel like YouTube or Vimeo, you can edit the tags for each video. Those tags are the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method for a video. When you publish the video in the video channel make sure the title of the video is the same as the text link used on your web page.

#5 Place video in client channels and/or web site when appropriate There are a several qualified sites that have significant traffic and produce quality links to your site.

Those places include vimeo.com, youtube.com, along with social media sites. There is also a new site being established at real.video.

Video enhances the appeal of your web pages(s). When you place a video from one of those quality sites on your website, and the video content matches, is revenant to, your web page content then you are creating a high value inbound link - which is important to the SEO of your website. Conversely, placing a video on your web page that is jus funny or has no relevance to your website detracts from your SEO effort.

Today cellphones have improved cameras and ability to capture 4K video. There is an app I use called ProCam that turns my cell phone into a 4K video maker. The setting to use in that app is 30 FPS (frames per second) or 25 FPS. At time of this writing 4K is the gold standard for video. Its easy to see the quality of crystal clear 4K video when comparing it to an older video on Youtube. On most video channels, when you see “HD” that means high definition, they are saying that the video material is 4K or that the device, perhaps a monitor, is capable of showing 4K quality material.

Evaluating Video Vendors

The cost is determine by the level of video producer. The four likely video production categories are amateur, semi-pro, professional, and premium.

Amateur A DIY yourself approach from a provider that is self taught. The cost on a one - two minute video is free - sweat equity - and the quality can be good or bad.

Semi-Pro A business offering video services from a background of producing video or other digital media who also has some training. This outfit uses their own equipment. The cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $150 to $1,250 depending on the time required to capture the material that makes the video. The main elements to consider when rating video content are music, content flow, header slide, footer slide, SEO features, content flow, brand recognition, and quality of video - 4K.

Professional A business dedicated to producing digital media with over five years of experience. They have their own equipment. This type of video material involves staging an event at a specific location to produce, for example, a corporate video. The cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $5,000 - $20,000 depending on the time involved and rounds of edits agreed to in the contract.

Premium A business dedicated to producing digital media with over a decade of experience. they have their own high-end equipment and probably a professional studio. This video content is closer to a movie style filming. he cost of a one - two minute video ranges from $25,000 - $50,000 depending on the time involved and rounds of edits agreed to in the contract.

The remaining level of video production is Hollywood, making a professional feature video, requiring an effort, and expenses, which are substantial increased over what the costs we are discussing up to this point.