How To Use Google Certified Data

Putting Certified Data To Work

At Schema you will find the format guidelines for how to use structured data.

For example, every business can use the "organization" snippet to identify thier organization.

If you are selling a product, then use the product snippet on your web page. This is an example is a data snippet for a product for your reference.

When you customize the snippet be sure to leave the architecture as is. Don't delete any of the existing properties.

Here are some important do’s and don’ts.

  • Don’t create blank or empty pages just to hold structured data.
  • Don’t mark use content in your structured data if the web page viewer cannot see it. The data has to viewable in the actual web page. For example, the description in the data should be visible on the web page.
  • Not a good idea to mislead readers or impersonate other people or organizations.
  • Specify all required properties for your data snippet type. Items that are missing required properties in the snippet are not eligible for rich results.