Internet Marketing In Silos

Start With A Professional Website

Being successful with your digital marketing relies on your understanding the necessary components of these three silos. Are you using them correctly?

Web sites are the great equalizer. A site can make a small company look global and professional. Conversely, a site can also make a global company hard to find and hard to navigate. Over the years I have found that all sites fall into one of two categories: hobby or business. You’d be surprised at the businesses who run their web sites like a hobby. But, on the other hand, you’d be amazed at those upstart and “home based” efforts that have first class business sites.

According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, almost half of the online consumers they interviewed stated the website design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company.

In other words, the foundation of your online marketing success is based on a professional web site. Your website design instantly creates a good reputation of your business, or a bad reputation for your business - there is no gray area in this fact.

Our expertise will reduce your learning curve in your website project.

Silos Return To Your Website

Building Your Media

Sustain Your Channels

Inbound Links

Creating quality inbound links is essential to the growth of your website visitor traffic and also to build our reputation in the AI of Google search bots.

Nothing complicated about building inbound links. The effort requires that you place links to your website in content of other website and Platforms.

These are five examples of quality inbound links.

    1. A link to your website in social media post.
    2. A link to your home page in the description of a YouTube video you published.
    3. A link to your landing page in a community form, such as Slack.
    4. Publishing articles in a blog that includes a RSS feed and is picked up by RSS feeders.
    5. A link in a support forum to your website, included in a post you made to provide assistance to a forum member.

Building inbound links have been, and will remain, an important technique to fortify the organic listings you have in search results.