3 Phases Of Website Marketing

Three Questions To Get Started

Without a coordinated plan you lose the power of potential. Here is an example, you want to have a list of people who will receive your newsletter via email. But, your web site or blog offers no opportunity to your visitors to connect with you in that way. It is up to you to provide a method for a visitor to sign up or “opt-in” to your communications.

An easy fix is adding a subscribe button to your web pages, or a link, that can be clicked to open a form. That form allows people to provide their name and email address - an “opt-in” - to receive your information.

There are so many tools and techniques out on the web today.

Answer these questions to get organized:
Who is my target audience?
Where are those folks on the web?
What media can I distribute to connect with them?

Let us assist you to imporve your marketing project.

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