Is It Better To Own Or Rent Your Website

Website Freedom

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Publishing Your Website

Website platforms, aka website builder, are numerous and the features and prices have different ranges. Here are a few of those businesses: Wix, Weebly, Squarespace , Webnode, Duda, Jimdo, Shopify, Google, WordPress, stei123, goDaddy, one, webs, and homestead.

When I talk about owning your website, I am talking about, you have in your possession the native files (html, PHP, asp) that are the architecture of your website, and that you can deliver those files to any website host company to publish your website on the internet.

CMS - Content Management System You do not own the CMS if you are using one. For example, Wordpress is a CMS. Most website hosting services provide Wordpress that can be used freely.

Web Design The design and format of your page are owned by you when you are building a website. If you do the design work yourself, or pay someone to do it, in either case you own it.

Domain Name Domains are registered with ICANN. Technically, you own your domain, and pay an annual registration fee for it.

Database(s) You own the database that is populated with content you placed there or that your website placed in the databases as it processes website functions.

Website Channel or Publishers

Today these are called channels, but that name is shifting to website publishers, because that is what these folks do - they publish content.

Who are they? Some of them are Facebook, Slack, Blogger, Tumblr, Twitter, Parler, and others. Another channel is industry specific like Angies List.

The most popular I think is Facebook, which is really a giant search engine, but geared to people instead of organic business listing such as in Google.

The appeal to business in Facebook is low cost to have a page there. There are no website design costs and its not possible to install and app or business processes.

If you are looking to create a presence for your business, and have a community you are involved with, like a church or social group, then Facebook would give you instant traction since you can early connect with those folks using Facebook tags and your networking with friends.

Do you own your account in one of these channels or publishers. No, there is no ownership.

When you compare the money spent to gain more visibility in one of these channels using paid advertising versus, over time, you will pay more in advertising to gain visibility.

Keep in mind that Facebook advertising is based on views not clicks. You pay for how many people see your ad, not the number of times someone actually clicked your ad. I prefer the click model. On the internet, there is so much visual stimulus, I only click what I am really interested to see

"Around seven-in-ten U.S. adults (69%) use Facebook, according to a survey conducted in early 2019. That’s unchanged since April 2016, but up from 54% of adults in August 2012."
~ Pew

If you have any questions, let me know.
~ Steu Mann