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Website Design Maintenance - 3 Techniques

The next step after developing your website design is keeping up to pace with your competitors.

These three simple steps will support your online business to create and sustain a successful website design.

You already know that your website needs to showcase your business. With these three techniques you can make sure that your website is keeping pace in search engine results.

As of 2020, Google remains the leading search engine worldwide with a desktop market share of almost 87%.
~ statista.com

In the United States, around 53 percent of organic search engine visits are generated via smartphones and tablets.
~ statista.com

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Pay For Website Design & SEO With Cryptocurrency

Effective today, we are announcing that EZ Web Company accepts cryptocurrency for payments on website design, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, and consulting projects.

We are happy to be a growing number of merchants that accepts crypto. We see crypto currency as a positive influence in our local community and in the global economy. We do believe it is here to stay.

If you have questions about how to accept crypto currency in your business as payment for products and services, send us an email.

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Website Design 2021: 3 Key Techniques For Success

Websites technology is always changing and will continue to evolve.

The three website deisgn techniques in the podcast are not new. When viewing the professional websites you will see them used frequently. Be sure to review our SEO tips on search engine bots.

If you are still use an Adobe subscription, you need to check out an alternative with the Affinity programs. They have a fixed purchase fee and meet Adobe quality to easily make your website images.

We are here to help. If you want a website consultation, we look forward to hearing from you.

One resource to ease your progress is moz.com. The metrics they provide are very helpful. Plus, they also provide the documentation to educate you on what their specific measurements saying about your website.

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Website Design, How To Use Integrations

Integration is a key skill that top website designers employ. It allows for the creation of content that is current with user trends and also build robust websites.

It’s not that you have to know everything, more important is that you are aware of, and put to work for you, integrations that benefit your business.

Integration is simply using a third party service to add functionality in website design, which automates workflow and improves website performance.

Three benefits to knowing how to integrate website design services are
1) reduction in labor spent to maintain your website;
2) lower costs over time to sustain your website; and
3) ease of use for your website visitors.

In addition to the material covered in the podcast, build your website on a solid foundation. Here are three resources to guide that effort:

Understanding the value of SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Skip these 10 Common mistakes in website design.

What can you expect to pay to produce video marketing on your website?

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How To Build Your Online Platform With $12

A proven digital marketing strategy to get your online platform started and sustained.

You probably already know that content is the most important aspect of your online platform.

Another rule you may or may not know, it takes months to get your online business fully engaged into the internet infrastructure. When you know that before you begin, hopefully you expereince less fustration later on.

Yes, you can open and account on FaceBook and start making posts tonight. But, realistically, the time frame to gauge your success is many months away. Nothing happens overnight, even those few and far between viral videos involve so much coordination ... but that is for another blog post for another time.

Three simple phases that require $12, along with your sweat equity. That is what this podcast is discussing.

Anyone with a work ethic and a will to success will be able to use this three phases and see your success manifest.

Build Your Online Platform
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Website Owner Training Program

We take you from your starting point, maybe you don’t even have a domain yet, and work with you to the end product - your published website on the interest available to all.

This website owner program guarantees your success.

Steu Mann established and administers this website training program. He has over 10 years in building, publishing and maintaining websites. He also has a Master Degree in Curriculum Design.


The work in this course is completed in tandem: you and us, working together,

You will learn how to improve what you know and how to use the software to build the website design you want.

You will also learn techniques for online marketing to generate website traffic on your pages.

The certified website owner training begins with a one hour consultation.

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