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Looking at software to build ans sustain business websites.
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Social Media Widget For Websites & Blogs

Social media channels are an easy method to distribute your content.

This free social media button widget that accomplishes two essentials. First, it provides customized floating social media buttons that are easy to add to your website. Second, the buttons are cool, since they are floating, and this makes your website look that much better.tter.

You don't have to be a web expert to use this tool.

A video is at the top of the page with step by step instructions.

If you get hung up somewhere, just use the Contact Page to ask me your question.

I hope you enjoy thie free social media button widget that will add a neat "cool factor" to your website pages and/or blog pages.

Online Marketing Consultation, let's discuss your project. We will help you enhance it to improve your marketing results.


Website Technology, Software To Build And Sustain Optimal Website Metrics

The ultimate goal of every website is to ongoingly produce organic search results. Building your content in an optimized fashion with devices, along with connecting favorably to search engine bots, is the premium route for every online business.

it is easy to compare platforms from marketing prespectives in online articles.

But the real nuts and bolts of a platform are based on 1) the speed of web page content displaying; 2) the ability to customize that content; and 3) the ease of building and sustaining a professional website.

You want your business to stand apart from your competition. Customizing your content with specific functionality is always the best route to take.

Building your website in Foundation will accomplish the best short term results in your online business plan, and it will be the best tool for your long term results too.


Every Business Website Has A Content Publisher

Your website is the only location on the internet that you, or your business, own. By default, building a website and publishing it, you - or the people you hire - are a content publisher. Like it or not, you are using the same process that a newspaper to magazine is using to build their content. Build content and placing it on the internet is not for the weak minded.

Being a content publisher, it's important to understand and apply the mechanics of content marketing.

There are short term results to accomplish as a content publisher and there are a different set of long term objectives. The funds you are spending must produce and sustain a presence of your content organically in search engines.

You also want to design your content so that it entices your website visitors to take action. One metric to watch in your analytics is how long people are staying on your website content. Are more and more people having visits of 2 minutes or more? If so, you are headed in the right direction of publishing your content.

How are you integrating media into your website? Do you just deposit the videos you create on a webpage? Hopefully, you are taking the time to SEO your video channels (YouTube and Vimeo).

Online Marketing Consultation, let's discuss your project. We will help you enhance it to improve your marketing results.


Video Marketing: Tips To Increase Your Views

Video marketing generates superior content to showcase your business. Its' a proven method to produce a sustained online marketing machine. Plus, studies show videos are the hottest trend to place more people into your sales funnel.

You don't have to be a tech wizard or marketing genius to get started with video marketing or to do well with it. Honestly, you don't even need an expensive camera or complicated microphone.

All you need it the desire to tell the story of your business, your products, or your services.

This podcast covers how to get started with video marketing and how to achieve hundred of views with your videos. This is not about making dumb video that make people laugh. The theme here is showcasing your products and services to people in your community and to people around the globe. This information is based on real results, real business marketing.

I am happy to send you the proof of the techniques I describe in this podcast. Just use the Contact Page to send me your request. I will email back those YT screen shots.

Lastly, this
research compiled on the cost of video marketing will help you define your budget.

Bots Impacting Your Online Marketing - One Sure Way To Improve Your Organic Search Listings

Without providing the robots proper directions to your website you are open to unwelcome and unwanted intrusions. Plus, one absolute method to improving your website, in the algorithms of Google, is to use a robots.txt file correctly.

This is a manual process. By default everything in your website is visible to the world.

In this podcast you learn how to easily create your robots directions and where to place them.

Actually true,
Google search results do give better rankings to websites using a proper robots.txt file. Security and protocols for proper website building, that is what the robots.txt file represents.

This is the protocol discussed in the podcast ….

User-agent: *
Disallow: /yourfoldername/


Landing Pages And Organic Search Results

Are you better off spending your marketing dollars on a landing page or organic search results for your website? How easy is it to get organic restyle for your landing page? What is the bounce rate of your landing page and/or your web pages? These are important questions and the more clear you are on the answers, the more improved your online marketing will become … the better your conversion stats will be on any web content you publish.

I am presenting ideas in this podcast to help you benefit from a more cohesive and effective online marketing strategy. My thinking is based on results and experience, not what the gurus of "marketing" tactics are pounding in their courses and books.

Typically, most people think ok a landing page as a standalone web page, created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It’s where a visitor “lands” after they click on a link in an email, or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or similar places on the web.

When a search engine returns its search results, it gives you two types: organic and paid. Organic search results are the Web page listings that most closely match the user's search query based on relevance. Also called “natural” search results, ranking high in the organic results is what SEO is all about.
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