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Looking at software to build ans sustain business websites.
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Website Owner Guide: How To Use Google Certified Data

Structured data was created by Google to speed up and better define website content. You benefit, when you apply this data to your content, with better rankings in search engine results. As a website owner, it's always about improving organic search results. This type of data is easily coded using in-page markup on the page there the information is located.chniques for online marketing to generate website traffic on your pages.

This link is so an article explaining 5 Google tools to build a better website including a sample product snipped using Google guidelines.


Website Training Program

We take you from your starting point, maybe you don’t even have a domain yet, and work with you to the end product - your published website on the interest available to all.

We guarantee your success.

Steu Mann established and administers this website training program. He has over 10 years in building, publishing and maintaining websites. He also has a Master Degree in Curriculum Design.


The work in this course is completed in tandem: you and us, working together,

You will learn how to improve what you know and how to use the software to build the website design you want.

You will also learn techniques for online marketing to generate website traffic on your pages.

The certified website owner training begins with a one hour consultation.


Online Marketing Success With RSS

RSS, Really Simple Syndication, is an excellent tool to boost your online marketing.

Are you writing articles about the benefits of your products and services?

Content Marketing is a powerful component of every online strategy. One example of this is authoring articles that are educational and informative and placing them on your website.

Two types of links in online marketing are inbound links and outbound likes.

Using an RSS feed on your website is an excellent example of creating potent inbound links to improve your domain authority and also boost your SEO results - aka organic listings in search results on the first page.

Sample RSS file.

Online Marketing Consultation, let's discuss your project. We will help you enhance it to improve your marketing results.


Website Content Strategy Ideas

If you have been building websites for a while, or are just getting started, there is just one rule to cool and successful websites - quality content.

Hopefully this website helps you understand how to build better content and also reduce the labor to accomplish quality online marketing.

The text links below have more detailed information about the topics mentioned in this podcast.

Four main content principals to help design a successful will include automating business marketing, video marketing, and local SEO campaigns or national SEO campaigns depending on your target audeince.

Check our our website training program.


Website Tools: Content Marketing & Workflow Automation

Its typical to think of your website as a modern day yellow page ad, except it has so much more potential than that!

The first sign of success is building the organic displays for your web pages in search results. But, there is more you can do with your website to help your business grow.

We talk of three website tools we are publishing in this podcast. One makes it much easier to collect Facebook testimonials from your customers.

There is also the power and ease of storing your data in an online database to administer it and also use it for content marketing down the road.

We dont suggest storing financial data, credit cards or bank account info, nor is it a good ideas to store birth dates, driver licenses, and for sure never a social security number. There is too much risk involved with that data and besides the payment processors are better equipped for that level of risk.

We have talked already about the significance of owning your website in previous podcasts. When it comes to automating your workflow, it's just as important to own the elements in your online workflow.

Your website is an evolving segment of your business enterprise. Maybe it's time to achieve more that just having it be an advertisment for your services and products.

Online Marketing Consultation, let's discuss your project. We will help you enhance it to improve your marketing results.

Check our our website training program.


Social Media Widget For Websites & Blogs

Social media channels are an easy method to distribute your content.

This free social media button widget that accomplishes two essentials. First, it provides customized floating social media buttons that are easy to add to your website. Second, the buttons are cool, since they are floating, and this makes your website look that much better.tter.

You don't have to be a web expert to use this tool.

A video is at the top of the page with step by step instructions.

If you get hung up somewhere, just use the Contact Page to ask me your question.

I hope you enjoy thie free social media button widget that will add a neat "cool factor" to your website pages and/or blog pages.

Online Marketing Consultation, let's discuss your project. We will help you enhance it to improve your marketing results.

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